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SCSI bus interface, standards, manufacturers and distributors, technical information, books and test equipment, from the SCSI Technical Library of Information.
SCSI which is the acronym for Small Computer Systems Interface ends compatibility headaches by providing a single physical and system level interface to many different classes of peripherals

SCSI: Books

  STA's list of "Good SCSI Reads."

The SCSI Bus and IDE Interface by Friedhelm Schmidt  Second edition. All SCSI material updated and adapted to reflect SCSI-3 standard documentation, with new chapter added. Diskette includes new source code and a monitor tool for testing and troubleshooting SCSI devices.

The Book of SCSI: A Guide for Adventurers by Peter M. Ridge  Ridge has assembled a team of SCSI experts to analyze and explain almost everything there is to know about SCSI. They do this by carefully dissecting exactly what SCSI is, how it works, and why it presents so many problems.

  ENDL Publications supplies books which are designed for engineers, programmers and application support personnel who work with SCSI.

Making SCSI Work  A must read for anyone utilizing SCSI-connected devices. Common-sense information on using SCSI to satisfy the data communication requirements of today and the future.

The Programmer's Guide to SCSI  Tutorial and reference to the SCSI, the standard interface for high-performance computer peripherals. Geared specifically for programmers who are writing drivers for creating applications that support SCSI devices, presents comprehensive SCSI hardware and software information within the context of software development.

SCSI: Plug and Play

Plug and Play (PnP) SCSI is an industry initiative driven by Adaptec, Microsoft and others. Its goal is to make SCSI easier to use. To achive this, PnP SCSI uses the SCAM protocol to assign SCSI IDs. More importantly, PnP SCSI restricts the number of alternative hardware options to one for each hardware element of the subsystem. So PnP SCSI makes sure, in a very simple way, that all the connectors fit. Needless to say, PnP SCSI needs software support through the host's operating system to deliver its benefits to the user. In a true PnP system, you should be able to add a new SCSI device, power up the computer and the new device would be recognized and ready to use.

Hardware Requirements

The PnP documents define default IDs for different device types. If possible, the dominant initiator shall assign these IDs to the devices. If that is not possible, it shall use the next smaller ID.

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