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SCSI bus interface, standards, manufacturers and distributors, technical information, books and test equipment, from the SCSI Technical Library of Information.
 SCSI expander is a unit that allows the addition of another SCSI segment to a SCSI domain

SCSI: What is an Expander?

A SCSI expander is a device that allows the user to expand the capabilities of the SCSI bus for certain applications. These applications include mixing of single-ended and differential interfaces, extending cable lengths to greater distances, isolating bus segments, adding more devices than the usual 8 or 16 and dynamic reconfiguration of SCSI components.

SCSI Expander Manufacturers and Distributors

Western Digital Corporation  WD Enterpise hard drives are a complete line of 7200 RPM Ultra and Ultra2 SCSI. An excellent choice for workstation, server, multi-user, audio-video, and array/RAID applications.

International Business Development Specialists   Sells bridging products for iSCSI / FC / 8bit to 16bit / 8 Bit SCSI Disks.

Kingsway Corporate Services Pty. Ltd.   Specializing in data storage and RAID solutions. Very active in the SCSI arena with stocks of external cases, cables and terminators.

Advanced Storage Concepts  Provides SCSI Target Mode and Target Emulation support software packages.

Digitape Systems Corporation  Large VAR and stocking distributor of high-end storage, SCSI and mainframe to mini and micro data exchange products.

Eastern Systems Inc.  Portfolio includes SBCs, communication protocol adapters, video cards, SCSI expander products including extenders and converters, and RAID subsytems.

  Manufacturer representative of telecom, industrial computer, and analytical bus tool and SCSI products.

Paralan Corporation   SCSI expander products and iSCSI to SCSI Bridges. Includes: SCSI Storage and Extenders, SCSI Bus RegeneratoR™s, and SCSI Switches.

TMS Sales   Servicing the Rocky Mountains States for test and measurement and embedded systems solutions and SCSI expander products.

Intertechnology Inc.  Distributor for computer peripheral products such as printers, CD-Rom libraries, SCSI bus extenders based in Canada.

Rep Mesa, Inc.  Currently representing manufacturers of CPU, DSP, FDDI, SCSI, graphics, imaging and bus analyzer boards and systems as well as embedded computers, backplanes, enclosures and rack cabinets.

Peripheral Products Inc.  PPI is a leading supplier of computing and networking products for a variety of buses including SCSI. Servicing Texas.

ParalanStore   Sells converters and bridges for SCSI and iSCSI, Seagate drives, controllers, host bus adapters, and SCSI cables.

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