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The low voltage differential interface is the latest addition to the interface alternatives. It combines the low cost advantages of SE and the date integrity of differential and will be the interface of choice for transfer rates faster than Ultra-SCSI

SCSI: Cable Overview

The STA Designations for the SCSI Levels

STA Term Width
ANSI Document
SCSI-1 8 5 5 SCSI: X3.131-1986
Fast SCSI 8 10 10 SCSI-2: X3T9.2
Fast Wide SCSI 16 10 20 SCSI-3 (SPI): X3.277
Ultra SCSI 8 20 20 SCSI-3 (SPI, Fast-20): X3.277-1966
Wide Ultra SCSI 16 20 40 SCSI-3 (SPI, Fast-20): X3.277-1966
Ultra-2 SCSI 8 40 40 SCSI-3 (SPI-2): X3T10/1142D
Wide Ultra-2 SCSI 16 40 80 SCSI-3 (SPI-2): X3T10/1142D


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comp.periphs.scsi FAQ part 2 of 2  This article was archived around Apr. 1998.

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