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SCSI Computer Forensics. Computer forensic investigation without compromising the data. SCSI Write Protection

SCSI Computer Forensics: What is it?

First, what is computer forensics? Computer forensics is the analysis of data processing equipment-- typically a home computer, laptop, server, or office workstation-- to determine if the equipment has been used for illegal, unauthorized, or unusual activities. It can also include monitoring a network for the same purpose. Computer forensic investigation needs to be accomplished without fear of compromising the data on the drive, hence the importance of forensic tools.
From Factbites.com: Write protection, (also known as record protection) is a mechanism to stop/prevent accidental erasure by recording/storing. It may be a switch, a sliding hatch, or a tab that has to be broken out. Cassettes and floppy disks are the most common devices that use this mechanism. VHS, Zip disks and USB keys also have a form of write protection. Most commercial software, audio and video come pre-protected. When attempting to write to a protected floppy disk, the operating system will report a write protected error. By applying write protection the memory turns (temporarily) into read-only memory. From Wikipedia: Device on discs and tapes that provides data security by allowing data to be read but not deleted, altered, or overwritten.

This page is currently being worked on and new links or information will be added as I am able to find more. At the present time it is relatively easy to find forensic information concerning other drives/buses, and the significance of protecting them, however not so easy with SCSI.

SCSI Computer Forensics: Articles, Information and Products

Forensics Wiki  Forum providing a controlled access encyclopaedia created by, maintained by, and for the use of the Computer Forensic Community.

  Comprehensive list of computer forensics and electronic evidence topics, tools and utilities. Excellent site.

X3T10 Committee   SCSI write protect proposal. Discusses the need for SCSI devices to be able to "write protect" via SCSI. ( In .pdf format )

International Journal of Digital Evidence  IJDE is a forum for the publication and discussion of theory, research, policy, and practice in the rapidly changing field of digital evidence.

X3T10 Committee  Document discussing the additional Write Protection needs of SCSI. ( In .pdf format )

Voom Technologies, Inc.  Manufactures a number of data duplication and backup, plus forensic products for computer security protection.

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