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What is a scsi host bus adapter? It's a printed circuit board that installs in a standard microcomputer and provides a scsi connection so that scsi devices can be connected to the microcomputer

SCSI: What is a SCSI Host Bus Adapter?

The SCSI card or circuitry in a host computer that allows the host to communicate with the SCSI devices is called a host adapter. The name adapter (as opposed to controller) is tribute to the fact that all the intelligence is located in the target controller on the peripheral device.

SCSI Host Bus Adapter: Manufacturers and Distributors

Adaptec   Providing bandwidth management technologies with high performance I/O, connectivity, and network products that are incorporated into the systems and products of major computer and peripheral manufacturers.

Paralan Corporation   Manufactures high-performance Ultra320 SCSI Host Bus Adapter that work for high-end workstations, servers, and power users.

Initio Corporation   Specializes in developing a broad line of ASIC's, host adapters, and software products.

SBE, Inc.    Portfolio of standards-based network interface cards designed to offer the scalability and modularity to develop solutions for a multitude of business critical applications.

Atto Technology   Source for storage solutions across the entire daat continuum that encompass: host adapters including ATTO ExpressPCI with Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology, ATTO AccelWare and ExpressRAID software.

   SCSI host adapters and tape media.

Adaptec Europe   Information for Europe, with links to Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Plus a distributor's log-in for new information.

   Their line of disk drives accommodate all platforms, from low profile to 23GB capacity. From fiberchannel and SSA to SCSI 2. Providing effective storage solutions.

Document Imaging Solution Products   Offers a wide range of scanners and SCSI cards and cables.

Info X Fibre Channel Solutions   SCSI fibre channel host adapters, SANs, and storage products.

Ingram Micro   One of the largest distributors of computer technology products and services in the world. Selling both hardware and software.

LSI Logic   Innovative SCSI and Fibre Channel I/O solutions in the server and workstation marketplace.

MSI -Midland Systems Integrators   Architects, builds and supports mission-critical information systems and networks.

SCSI Stuff    The source for SCSI cables, Hard Drives, SCSI CD-ROMs & SCSI Host Adapters.

Techexport   International distributor of high technology products used in the video and pre-press industries. Specializing in Window NT workstations, non-linear video editing, MGEG compression, high resolution scanning and large high performance storage subsystems.

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