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iSCSI is Internet SCSI (Small Computer System Interface), an Internet Protocol-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities, developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). By carrying SCSI commands over IP networks, iSCSI is used to facilitate data transfers over intranets and to manage storage over long distances

iSCSI: What is it?

Pronounced eye skuzzy. Short for Internet SCSI, an IP-based standard for linking data storage devices over a network and transferring data by carrying SCSI commands over IP networks. iSCSI supports a Gigabit Ethernet interface at the physical layer, which allows systems supporting iSCSI interfaces to connect directly to standard Gigabit Ethernet switches and/or IP routers. When an operating system receives a request it generates the SCSI command and then sends an IP packet over an Ethernet connection. At the receiving end, the SCSI commands are separated from the request, and the SCSI commands and data are sent to the SCSI controller and then to the SCSI storage device. iSCSI will also return a response to the request using the same protocol.

iSCSI is important to SAN technology because it enables a SAN to be deployed in a LAN, WAN or MAN.

iSCSI was developed by the IETF and became an official standard in February 2003.

Definition from Webopedia.

iSCSI Articles and Information

The Internet Engineering Task Force   Document describes a transport protocol for Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) that works on top of TCP.

iSCSI Consortium   Membership established to enhance the interoperability of iSCSI products, and how to market them.

   Article detailing iSCSI and iSCSI Bridges and why they are here to stay. The growing iSCSI-based IP SAN industry has a future that will maintain its growth for the next decade, written by Marc Brooks for Electronic Design.

   Will iSCSI-based IP SANs become the industry standard for storage communications, the way TCP/ IP Ethernet dominates Internet communications? It remains to be seen, but the future will be very interesting. Written by Marc Brooks for Electronic Design.

   ISCSI growth on the rise in small and big shops. iSCSI will account for 20% external disk storage by 2010. Written by Deni Conner.

Whatis.techtarget.com   Definition of iSCSI with links to articles explaining the protocol.

A Dirty Little Secret: The Industry and iSCSI  Disinformation in the iSCSI vs. Fibre Channel debates is stronger than ever. Written by Jon William Toigo for Enterpise Systems.

  This .pdf written by John Moore, details the costs and performances between iSCSI and Fibre Channel.

  Network Computing goes inside the iSCSI SAN project to see why the gourmet frozen food maker chose IP over Fibre Channel for its storage area network.

iSCSI "Makes it"  Opinion: iSCSI finally sees its day as a true rival to Fibre Channel, by Scot Peterson at EWEEK.com

Why users are embracing iSCSI SANs   There are many potential benefits of IP SANs based on iSCSI, but relatively low cost is the primary factor. A very postitive article on iSCSI benefits written by Michele Hope for InfoStor.

   Three Key Storage Trends Will Provide New IT Capabilities In The Next Few Years. Article on storage highlighing 10 Gigabit Ethernet, SAS, and iSCSI written by John Brandon for Processor.com.

iSCSI Review  An introduction to iSCSI with its promises and oppostions, and a closer look under a microscope from Digit-Life.com.

iSCSI Storage  Magazine devoted to IP network storage trends and news.

Byte and Switch   Article: Microsoft Blesses iSCSI Hardware.

   Early adopters of storage-area networks based on the Internet SCSI protocol say that so far, cost savings outweigh performance concerns. From Computerworld.com.

  Vendors show iSCSI storage devices support Windows.

iSCSI Ready for Prime Time   The revolutionary impact that iSCSI will have on Gigabit Ethernet thus forever changing the direct attached storage (DAS) environment, an article by Ryo Koyama.

NetworkWorld  Article by Christine Burns, What can iSCSI do for you?

Build Your Own iSCSI SAN Server  Article by Bryan Betts for The Register.

WindowsITPro  What's the Big Deal with Windows and iSCSI? Article by Jerry Cochran.

Recent Tests Reveal iSCSI Maturity  Keith Furman article at WindowsITPro.com

Linux-iSCSI Project   Driver and daemon for using iSCSI on Linux.

San Francisco Users Group Takes on iSCSI  Mark Smith talks about iSCSI starting to move out of the technology acceptance phase into a corporate early adopter phase.

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