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SCSI bus interface, standards, manufacturers and distributors, technical information, books and test equipment, from the SCSI Technical Library of Information.
The Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) has been and will continue to be one of the most flexible and powerful means of communicating information between peripheral and computer

SCSI: Gets the Job Done

SCSI is a system level interface and as such it uses high level commands, and logical block addressing. This considerably simplifies the task of the device driver and saves CPU time on every single I/O. Moreover, because the SCSI device does operations like 'rewind the tape' or 'format this disk' without host intervvention, the host saves even more CPU time. Especially multitasking operating systems like Unix, Windows NT, OS/2, Novell Netware and Windows 95/98 benefit from SCSI's intelligence.

State-of-the-Art SCSI, keeps going and going!

SCSI: Technical Information

The Benefits of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)  Discsussion of the flexible storage solutions that Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) will bring.

Making the Old Guard Work In the New Era  Supporting HVD systems with LVD devices written for Computer Technology Review.

  From the Upgrade Guide by Stan Miastkowski. Detailing the advantages of SCSI over EIDE, making it the leading standard for connecting high-performance peripherals.

SCSI is SCSI   Written by John Burke on "How to extend the life of your HP 3000 with modern, non-HP peripherals".

Chip Directory   SCSI-1 Connector pin assignments.

The Complete Guide To SCSI For The PowerBook  From Mac Opinion written by Charles Moore.

eHow   How to Connect SCSI Devices to a Mac.

Cornell University  SCSI Subsystem Overview.

  Writing a driver for a simple SCSI controller under Linux written by Alan Cox.

  Written by Micheal Lampi of MDL Corporation.

SCSI Glossary  A comprehensive glossary of SCSI terminology, updated frequently as proposed new standards become operational.

Complete SCSI / iSCSI / RAID / SAS Information  Source for information about iSCSI, SCSI, RAID, SAS and related subjects, including a multitude of links to all SCSI and related subjects.

SCSI Info Central From Gary Fields  This site contains the latest SCSI FAQ for the comp.periphs.scsi newsgroup as well as other useful information about SCSI devices and troubleshooting.

  Basic terms for SCSI.

  Reviews and articles, not finished yet but a good source for information.

  MDL Introduces a SCSI-Based Video Conferencing System, press release.

  Most Ultra2 cards lack connectors for typical external desktop devices. Adaptec's new card changes all that. Article from PC World News.

What Kind of SCSI Do I Have?  Is it 8-bit (narrow) or 16-bit (wide), and is it single-ended or differential? Article detailing how to determine what type of SCSI port the host has.

  Word document download, written by Steven Bucher, President of I-Tech Corporation.

Surviving SCSI Hell   The musicians guide to understanding SCSI. How to connect a computer to a digital sampler using SCSI, a primer from Rich the TweakMeister.

SCSI CD-RW Drives Roundup   Devoted to the CD-RW drives with SCSI interface, showing the potential, highlights and downsides of the SCSI-interface.

SCSI vs. IDE Bus Mastering for DAWs  By D. Glen Cardenas and Jose M. Catena for Digital Pro Sound.

Look Before You Leap To Ultra3 SCSI  New technology doubles bandwidth, but VARs need to be aware of variations in the standard, from Business Solutions.

Modifying the SCSI/Fibre Channel Block Size  Written by Keith Bonneau, John Chrzanowski and Craig O'Brien at WPI Computer Science.

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