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SCSI bus interface, standards, manufacturers and distributors, technical information, books and test equipment, from the SCSI Technical Library of Information.
The differential option allows 25 meters, with LVD allowing half that distance but at a 40 MB/sec rate. Wide SCSI doubles the above rates to 40 and 80 MB/sec respectively, and maintains the cable length

SCSI: Test Equipment

Robin's SCSI Tools Page  Robin Miller offers some useful I/O tools, The SCSI Command Utility (scu), and the Data Test Program (dt) information.

  Bus Analyzer tool that supports SCSI I through 320 and a wide range of other protocols including PCI express, SATA, SAS, GbE and Fibre Channel.

Computer Bus Tools, Inc.  Full line of SCSI emulators and analyzers as well as test cables, adapter cards, and terminators. Leading source for emulators, testers, and analyzers for all bus types.

Extreme Protocol Solutions  Develops, manufactures, and markets software and hardware solutions to test SCSI peripherals.

FuturePlus Systems  SCSI bus analysis probes.

  Products include analyzers, traffic generators, exercisers and many other test, measurement and analysis hardware / software solutions for protocols such as SCSI, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel.

  Dedicated test tool for SCSI test equipment and SCSI test software for manufacturing, engineering, and test environments.

SCSItoolbox, LLC  Diagnostic testing SCSI tools and software engineering for SCSI, fibre channel, hard drives, firmware and FCAL peripherals.

Tabernus, LLC  Software for SCSI, iSCSI, FC, SAS and SATA mass storage device testing.

  Windows 3.x/95/98/NT compatible and features an easy-to-use interface that displays pertinent information about all of the devices connected to your SCSI bus. It runs basic integrity tests, device performance tests, and identifies and displays device error information. It can also test single drive autochangers and jukeboxes.

Xyratex  Talos is a family of peripheral testers that provide for the first time, a single system capable of testing today's and tomorrow's I/O devices such as: EIDE, Ultra DMA/33, Ultra DMA/66, Ultra SCSI, Ultra 2 SCSI, 1394.

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